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Procedures, StringDictionary & ArrayList MCTS 70-536 Microsoft .NET Certification #6

Procedures, StringDictionary & ArrayList MethodMCTS 70-536
Microsoft .NET Certification
Post #6

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This post is on section 1. Developing Application that use system types & collections. Here are a few important concepts from the 1st section.

StringDictionary – Only strings can be stored as a Value in StringDictionary
Procedures work with a copy of variables when you pass a value type. Therefore, any modifications that were made to the copy would not affect the original value.
ArrayList Method – the following determine whether an tiem exists in the collection
i. Contains can be used to test to whether the item exists in the collection
ii. IndexOf will return if the item does not exist in the collection
Strict conversions enabled - you can convert from int16 to int32 because that is considered a widening conversion, because Int32 can store any value of Int 16, implicit conversion is allowed.

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