Sunday, November 16, 2008

IComparer 70-536 Microsoft .NET Certification #10

IComparer 70-536
Microsoft .NET Certification
Post #10

Hey Now Everybody,

Please feel free to check out my MCTS 70-536 reference page on Chris It’s a page with a summary of all of my posts.
This post is on section 1. Developing Application that use system types & collections. Here are a few important concepts from the 1st section. As I stufy for this test I thought this would be good to post on to learn the content & others would be able to view & comment on it.

IComparer – is an interface that should be implemented when you are creating a new collection type that must be sorted by using Array Sort.
CompartTo() method is a member of the IComparable interface
Use the Icomparer interface for collections that must be sorted
• The ICollection interface is the base interface for classes in the System Collections namespace. It does not support sorting
• The IDictionary interface is the base interface for nongeneric collections of key/value pairs. It does not support sorting.
• The IEqualityComparer interface supports only equality comparisons.

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