Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How To Get A $100 / yr IT Job

How To Get A $100 / yr IT Job

When preparation & opportunity meet there is strong potential. All my life I've loved technology & the past years I've really been into .NET Development. I've felt like I've contented to educate myself & prepared myself with the best knowledge to provide database drive web applications for business solutions. Last month the identification credentialing company I've worked with ~6 years which was acquired recently made a business decision to consolidate & our department was eliminated. It sure was a great opportunity for me & I started looking for an IT job & felt like it would be some good content to post about. Here are the most important items I feel:

1. Treat getting a job like a Job
2. Put a resume together & post it publically
Have multiple versions of resume
3. Network – At least Call 10 people & meet with 2 people face to face daily.
4. Prepare for Interview’s
5. Follow up with contacts
6. Negotiate & choose a position

If you want to get a job you have spend a good amount of time, treat getting a job as a job. For example I was wearing a tie everyday when I was actively looking to keep a business frame of mind & I was ready to speak to anyone anytime. The next step is BIG, put together your resume & post it publically on job sites such as monster, job.com, dice, career builder ect. & apply for many jobs. I submitted over 100 resumes & posted many publically. Over the few weeks I edited my resume quite a bit & have a few versions, for example one focused on web dev, another on T-SQL & database, another a focus on SharePoint. Networking is very important be prepared to be on the phone often & meet many people in person. Following up with contacts is extremely important including a physical thank you note. After all that is done then expect to get a few offers & choose the best fit for you, your fam, & your interests. Recruiters were very helpful for me. After placing my resume publically many recruiters contacted me. Here are some of the top recruiters & companies I met. I you are a person looking for a position or an employer looking to hire I'd recommend SherStaff. I've known Alex for a few years though our .NET user groups & he knows technology & all the best skilled people to place. Here are a few of the top recruiters I worked with:

SherStaff - Alex Funkhouser
Signature - Brian
Tek Systems - Tara
Robert Half - Omar

To me I wanted to focus on .NET web development (ASP.NET & T-SQL) working with a long term commitment on team in a positive environment & I was very glad with where I'm currently at in this type of position in the entertainment industry. I'd like to thank my family for all of their support during my search for a position.
In the end everything is negotiable so if they company offers you 89k you may have to take it. As you see getting a 100k job is the same is getting any other job.

The preceding post is my opinion & in no way reflect my current or preceding employers.

Bye Now!