Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Firefox 3.5 - Your Default browser?

Firefox 3.5 - Your Default browser?

Hey Now,

So today is the day, Firefox 3.5 is released & of course like many millions of people around the world I downloaded & installed it. Firefox has been my default browser for some time now. Browsers are the most used windows application & I use many all day everyday. 

Firefox 3.5 new features include:

Faster fox - the browser measured faster
Private Browsing just like all other browsers Ctrl + Shift + P I use this when shopping for diamonds for my wife.
Undo Tab Ctrl + Shift + T Similar to Ctrl + T for new tab
Video with HTML 5 - HTML 5 is around the corner & this will help everyone browse more efficently such as links within video.
TraceMonkey JavaScript engine - this is spuposed to be faster the the previous SpiderMonkey. 
Geo-Location - from my understanding it will know where your located
Tab Tearing - I'm not a fan I find myself not using this even in Chrome

Firefox Add-on's are my favorite feature still about Firefox including the latest version 3.5. They allow us to customize our browser. Listed below is a top 10 Catto Firefox add-ons that I like use all the time. 

1 Hide Menubar - provides more realastate & hides menubar it just works
2 Speed Dial - Stellar add-on. Easily open frequently used pages. Use Cntl+1 to 3 load your favorite page.
3 FoxTab - Super slick way to switch tabs Ctrl+Shift (similar to vista task switcher) 
4 Firebug - Very important dev tool F12 baby
5 Web Developer - many dev tools 
6 Google Preview - displays thumbnail of page on Google search
7 Cooliris - The best way to view pix
8 Coolpreviews - easily quickly view a link with out opening it$
9 Download Status Bar - places downloads on the status bar neatly
10 Personas for Firefox - Change look easily
11 Colorzilla - web dev tool to pick colors

This a just 10 of my favorite add-on's. Add-ons are easily still my favorite Firefox feature 

That is all there is .. there is no more!