Friday, November 23, 2007

Insalling Visual Studio 2008 RTM VS08

Hey Now,
Whoo Haa! I just installed Visual Studio 2008 VS08 (11.20.07). I was glad to see da Gu’s post that VS08 & .NET 3.5 was realeased on Monday November 19, 2007. I downloaded the file 3.31G. I installed the 3.5 Framework (~45min). I burned the iso file on a DVD (~20min). Then I installed VS08 (~45min). I think this tool is probably the most important tool for a .NET developer & I’m glad to have it. I’ve been using VS05 & have learned many of the new features in VS08. I think the split screen is a feature that I will use right away & very often. Other features may take me a little while to get to such as Silverlight & LINQ. Below is one of my flix on the installation. I know some people have been waiting for my hot clicks / mouse gestures post but this month I really thought this topic was a great one to post on. All comments welcome. Thx 4 stopping by.

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