Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SQL 2008 DB Dev 70-433 GCUG ‘Exam Cram’ Code Crackin #27

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This is a review of our local .NET user group meeting where the topic was an exam cram on the Microsoft exam 70-433. The session was @ our Gold Coast User Group. The session was great & presented by David Cobb & Daniel Dunn. It was a great session where we went over about many questions from a practice exam. I took some notes on the content & wanted to share them to help people study the content for the exam.

Below are a copy of my notes. This post will help us by making us think about content from the exam:

1. Permissions Deny Select permissions Deny Select On order to John
2. Two unique constraint has not null
    Nvarchar 100 null
    Nvmar chare max
3. Three Create View With Check option answer not SchemaBinding with Schemabiding
4. Create non clustered index
5. Rebuild - Page splitting alter index all on sales.saleshistory rebuild with (fillfacor = 60 ) Rebuild option
6. Five `NonclusteredIndex Create Nonclusteree index ix_cust_acc#
7. Siz OR -
8. Eight Clustered index on FG_accountData (column_a ) C Create Clustered Index idx_accountsReceiveable on AccountsReceivable(caol_a) on FG_AcccountData(col_a)
9. Nine - B. Set Identity Insert invoice on insert into infvoice() values
10. FK
11. B Geography new data type
12. SQL_Latin_Genteral_CP1_CS_AS ‘a’ ‘A’ Case senstaive
13. C Varchar(max) compatible with SPARSE
14. D datetimeoffset – Local time
15. Alter Table Switch task table to table history
16. Create partition function,Schema create the table, Another Section
17. Stored procs Recompile ;; option(recompile ) & sp with encryption
18. Permissions A. Grant execute not impersonate user
19. READONLY Tablevalued parameters
20. Index column
    IsDeterministic = True
    IsSystemVerified = Ture
    UserDataAccess = False
    SystemDataAccesss False
21. Scalarvalued function 29 days in Feb
22. With Schemabinding – prevents tables from being deleted
23. Create trigger tr_Part_d on Part instead of delete
24. Trigger Instead of Insert trigger don’t stop the insert
25. C - Create trigger after update not for replication
26. C - DDL Rollback ddl create delete
27. On Database For
28. Missed
29. 16 try catch
30. Raiserror 10 Choice

Tray again, we never fail until you stop trying.

Here is a link to the list of topics & some test taking tips from the presenters:

Below are the list of many of the topics discussed:

nVarChare(MAX ) Data type
with Check Option
With schemabinding
With View_metadata
Create index .. include (col [n])
Create index .. on filegroup
Alter index rebuild [with ]
Alter table switch partition
Create partition function
Create partition scheme
Create table .. on artition scheme
With recompile
Execute as
CLR Assembly
Raise error severity levels

Whew fun hope you liked it! What did you think?

Next Up section ‘Additional Query Techniques’.
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