Thursday, May 22, 2008

HHH Microsoft Event Launch '08 Ft Lauderdale

Hey Now Everybody,

I attended the Microsoft Event Launch 2008 in Ft. Lauderdale HHH(Hero's Happen Here) this month & had a great time. There were some great sessions & presenters including Joe 'Dev Fish' Healy , Jonas Stawski, Max 'Put it together, Powershell guru' Trinidad, Blain Barton & Glen Gordon.
The events topics was Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 & Visual Studio 2008. I recieved a copy of all of these along with Vista ultimate, which was a very nice gift. I'm building a PC that I'm planning to install Windows Server 2008 & I'll post on soon including the 8 gigs of ram I plan to place in there.
There were quite a few people I got to see there such as Dave, Larry, Morgan along with many other people I have met & it's nice to talk technology with people at these events & .NET user groups. Check out a couple quick clips I posted.

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