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IEQualityComparer , Dequeue Method MCTS 70-536 Microsoft .NET Certification Post # 5

IEQualityComparer, Dequeue Method
MCTS 70-536
Microsoft .NET Certification
Post #5

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This post is on section 1. Developing Application that use system types & collections. Here are a few important concepts from the 1st section.

You pass an object that supports the interface to override the way that uniqueness is compared.
i. Ex. You can pass an instance of a class that supports the IEQualityComparer interface when you construct a Hashtable to change the way keys are evaluated for uniqueness.
Value Structures – are typically the most efficient
InvalidCastException – is the recommended exception to throw when there is no valid conversion between two types, when implementing the IConvertible interface. .
Dequeue method - Of the Queue class does
i. Retrieve the item from the front of the collection
ii. As it retrieves an item, it also removes it from the collection

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