Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cultures 70-536 Microsoft .NET Certification #11

Cultures 70-536
Microsoft .NET Certification
Post #11

Hey Now Everybody,

Please feel free to check out my MCTS 70-536 reference page on Chris Catto.com. It’s a page with a summary of all of my posts.
This post is on section 1. Developing Application that use system types & collections. Here are a few important concepts from the 1st section. As I stufy for this test I thought this would be good to post on to learn the content & others would be able to view & comment on it.

Neutral cultures are language, but not region specific. Neutral culture names are in the form xx, with only two lowercase characters.
Cultures with names in the format xx-XX are specific cultres & could be retrieved using CultureInfo.GetCulturs(CultureTypes.SpecificCultures)
CultureInfo objects examples: en, ko, ro
• Normal execution of program logic should not cause an exception. You should throw an exception whenever something unexpected happens, including receiving a parameter that is out of range.

As always all comments welcome.

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