Sunday, November 23, 2008

तोस्त्रिंग एकुँल्स & 70-536 Microsoft .NET Certification Post #13

मेथोड्स 70-536
Microsoft .NET Certification
Post #13

Hey Now Everybody,

Please feel free to check out my MCTS 70-536 reference page on Chris It’s a page with a summary of all of my posts.
This post is on section 1. Developing Application that use system types & collections. Here are a few important concepts from the 1st section. As I stufy for this test I thought this would be good to post on to learn the content & others would be able to view & comment on it.

• All classes inherit the ToString(), Equals(), & GetType() methods from the base Object class
Reference Types – a type that stores a pointer to the data, rather than the actual data.
• Reference types store a pointer to the data rather than the actual data.
• Types forwarding enable moving a type from one assembly into another assembly without requiring recompiling.
• Exceptions are error condition that cause normal execution to be halted
Generics use placeholders for their types, which allow multiple types of objects to be used as a parameter
• The following methods all classes have as members:
  • • ToString()
  • • Equals()
  • • GetType()
  • • Short Type – can only store values between -32,769 & 32,769
As always all comments welcome.

That’s all there is there is no more, Bye for now!


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