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Swamp Coast FLA Code Camp #3- Data Driven .NET Apps Code Crackin #31

Swamp Coast FLA Code Camp
Data Driven .NET Apps Code Crackin #31

Hey Now Everybody,

In this Post:
1 Swamp Coast Overview
2 Data Driven .NET App Session Overview
3 Vid of Session Content
4 List of Speakers (blog & twitter links)
5 Session Resources Links
6 DAL class file Code

1 Swamp Coast Overview
The Swamp Coast Code Camp #3 in SWFla is gonna be another stellar event. This code camp is @ FGCU which provided a nice venue. The best part of code camps is all the people that are there to talk tek with. I”m really looking forward to relaxin with my geek friends & learning a bunch. There are going to be some great sessions there some that I’m looking forward to seeing are mostly in WP7Dev such as:

Design for WP7 – Diane Leeper
Push Notification with Windows Phone 7 Jonas Stawski
WP7 – Tips & Tricks Kevin ‘WolfBytes’ Wolf
WP7 Marketplace, Panel, Install Fest Nikita Polyakov

Special thanks to John Dunagan & all the people who volunteered to make this event possible.

2 Data Driven .NET App Session Overview
This year my session is going to Data Driven .NET Applications. This session will be fun with a ton of content. It’s meant for any skill level, the main concept we’re going to discuss is to have content of apps driven by a data source not just static. There will be a great mix of theory & code. Here is what I plan to discuss:

DB Driven Mindset - Static vs.. Data Drive Apps
DB Dev / T-SQL
Data Access ADO.NET
WP7 - XML RSS Data Source
(more detailed list below)

3. Vid of Session Details

Here are some details:

DB Driven Mindset - Static vs.. Data Drive Apps
Overview & Advantages of Apps that display content from a data source
DB Dev / T-SQL
Fundamentals to Database Development
Query Window vs.. Design View
Stored Procedures
Advanced T-SQL Topics
Intro ASP.NET & VS10 as an IDE
.NET Controls
UI – Master Pages & CSS
Data Access
Web Services
WP7 Overview (IDE & Marketplace)
WP7 Catto Free App (my open source WP7 App)
XML RSS Data Sources
Other WP7 Apps on Emulator

4 List of Speakers (blog & twitter links)

There are many great people who are going to be there here is a list of most that I put together along with there twitter:


Duray Akar @durayakar
Colin Blakey @ Colin Blakey
Jyoti Chawla
Oleg Sych @olegsych
Michael Wells
Jay Hill
Ken Tucker
John McFetridge
Kathy Malone
Keith Kabza @KeithKabza
Henry Lee
Greg Leonardo @biztalkdev
Christopher Bennage @bennage
Sam Abraham @wildturtle21
Todd Anglin @toddanglin
Jason Beres @jasonberes
Scott Dorman @sdorman
Chris Eargle @kodefuguru
Jason Milgram @jmilgram
Nikita Polyakov @nikitap
Herve Roggero @hroggero
Stan Shultes @fstanschultes
Jonas Stawski @jstawski
Max Trinidad @maxtrinidad
Alex Funkhouser @sherlocktech
Joe Healy @devfish
Joe Hominick @smokingjoe
Adam Jorgensen @adam_jorgensen
Scott Klein @scottklein
Diane Leeper @dianeleeper
Ryan Parsley @RyanParsley

5 Session Resources Links

Here are some other links that my be helpful regarding the content from my session:

SQL2008 Database Dev 70-433 Skills Measured
SQL 2008 DB Dev 70-433 Programming Objects
SQL 2008 DB Dev 70-433 XML Data
SSMS Toughest Program to Install
Microsoft Visual Studio Hotkey Shortcuts
.NET 4 ASP.NET ‘Skills Overview’ 70-515 Exam
6 DAL Class File code
   public class DAL
private static string ConnectionString
return ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["100827_wpb5ConnectionString"].ConnectionString;

public static DataTable ExecuteDataTable(string storedProcedureName, params SqlParameter[] arrParam)
DataTable dt = new DataTable();
SqlConnection cn = new SqlConnection(ConnectionString);

SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(storedProcedureName, cn);
cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;

if (cn.State == ConnectionState.Closed || cn.State == ConnectionState.Broken)

if (arrParam != null)
foreach (SqlParameter param in arrParam)

SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter(cmd);
return dt;
catch (Exception ex)
throw new Exception("Error: " + ex.Message);


That is all, there will be more,


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