Saturday, September 19, 2009

Microsoft Visual Studio Hotkey Shortcuts 2009 Top (N)

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Keyboarding is very important to efficiency & hotkeys / shortcut keys are can be used many times each day to increase productivity. The way I’ve displayed my hotkeys are in a shorter list that are rated so it’s a top ten style where #1 is most used & #10 is tenth most used.

     When in Visual Studio the common tasks I try to accomplish are running / debugging code, finding files in the solution explorer, using controls & their properties, using breakpoints, comments & formatting code. This list accomplishes these tasks & can be used in VS05, VS08 & VS10.


0.5  Ctrl+S, Alt+Tab, F5      Save file switch to browser & refresh combo
1  F5                                   Run with debug
1b       Ctrl F5                      Run w/out Debug
2 Ctrl+Alt + L                       Unhides Solutions Explorer
3. Ctrl + Alt + X                    Unhides Toolbox
4. F4                                   Unhides Properties
5  a. F9                               Sets Breakpoints
5  b. Ctrl + Shift + F9, Alt+Y   Removes All Breakpoints
5  c. F10, F11                       Step into, Step Over
6  a. Ctrl + K, Ctrl + C           Comments line(s)
6  b. Ctrl + k, Ctrl + U           Uncomment line(s)
7. Ctrl + Pageup / Ctrl+pagedown / F7   Split View
8  a. Shift+Alt+Enter              Full Screen
8  b. Alt + U                          Resize (not full screen boo)
9  a. Ctrl + F                         Find
9  b. Ctrl + H                        Replace
10    Ctrl K, Ctrl D                 Format Code All Pretty
11.   Ctrl M, Ctrl O                Collapse Code
12.  Alt + S                           Stop internal IIS
13  a. Ctrl + Shift                  Switch Tab
13  b. Ctrl + Shift                  Switch Tab reverse 

This hotkey list is compact and ordered to display hotkeys that we can use daily. Of course there are large lists of every hotkey in studio out which is just not what I wanted to concentrate on right now. From one productive efficient keyboarding fan another.

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