Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Keyboarding - Catto Home Keys in the 2000’s

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I introduce to you the

Catto Home Keys

Keyboarding 101

Catto Home Keys are a new efficient use of home keys. Keyboarding / typing is critical to being productive, efficient every day. In the 2000’s it’s time for a change & not use the same old home row keys. In 1870’s the keyboard layout which many use “QWERTY” (letters below 12345) was designed. When typing words the traditional home keys work well, there is a good amount of time we can use another set of home keys while navigating & completing many tasks daily. So, the home row has been around for ~140 years & I think it’s time to change it due to the fact we use pc’s now not just a type writer.

Left hand
     Thumb – Left Alt
     Pinky   - Tab
     Pointer – F
     Middle  - E
     Ring     - 2

Right Hand –

     a.   Mouse
     b.   201 Touchpad (keyboard w/ touchpad) 
                 Thumb – Left Click 
                 Pointer - Touchpad
     c.   301 Touchpad (keyboard w/ touchpad) 
               Thumb – Touchpad
               Left Thumb – Left click (for drag click & hold)
               Ring – J
               Pinky – Enter ready (not on enter but ready)

What this does it keep our left able to use the #1 Hotkey Alt + Tab to switch tasks since we do this so often. Catto Home Keys can be used thought our work day to improve productivity.

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