Wednesday, September 30, 2009

RSS - Drinking from the Fire-Hose

RSS - Drinking from the Fire Hose

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RSS can greatly improve your performance by allowing you to efficiently obtain information. RSS is a technology most people such as my Mom does not know about or use & at the same time many obsessive computer users (geeks) such as myself enjoy using it daily. Microsoft always refers to ‘Drinking from the Fire Hose’ Since the info we need to follow is so intense similar to a fire hose, RSS helps us drink from that fire hose. Google Reader hands down my favorite URL on the internet.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) can be used by a reader such as Google Reader. We can subscribe to a RSS Feed then use Google reader to view the information.

I’ve posted my list of feeds I’ve subscribe to all labeled. To use this file you can download the XML file (OPML) then go to Google Reader & click the Manage Subscriptions link (bottom right), click import & browse to the file. This list is ~500 blogs mostly technical.

A user will view many sites daily, we can click a link to a favorite website such as CNN then view the new news, then click another favorite such as ESPN & read the new news. This works however we are constantly going out to see if there is information. What we can do is automatically have all our the information we care about brought to us no us going to it.
This benefits us by having information from many sites all in one place & we see the info the instant the news is published.
We can get started using RSS by the following:
1. Login to Google
2. Go To Google Reader
3. Go to webpage with RSS feeds (get feed URL)
4. Subscribe to the feed
5. Read the feed in Google Reader

My favorite hotkeys for Google Reader is ………

J – Jump this will jump to the next post
M – Mark as unread this will mark the post un read

Here is an official Google YouTube Vid that offers a great description.

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