Sunday, September 20, 2009

Opera 10 'The Worlds Fastest Browser' has Good Qualities


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Browsers are the most important program that we use. There are many browsers out there such as Firefox, IE, Safari & Chrome. Let us take a look at Opera 10, who call themselves 'The Worlds Fastest Browser'


Opera's best qualities are:

1. Early adopters new browser features – This is the reason why I really enjoy using Opera over the years. I’ve learned about new features in Opera then in year or two they become mainstream.

2. Speed, Quick, lightweight browser

3. Widgets ( ex Chuck Norris Widget )

Opera has been available for a while & has not been widely used maybe ~ 2% of the market share. Personally use Opera occasionally & like to have it installed. Opera has always been an early adopter of technology such as tabbed browsing, mouse gestures & speed dial. Now in Opera 10 there is are new features for example the ability to share your bookmarks between browsers on different computes & resizing the tab toolbar to display thumbnails of the pages.

I always felt like one reason Opera didn't have as many downloads as say IE or Firefox is a few years ago there wasn't an easy big download button on Opera's homepage such as the easy big download Java button. Instead the user had to click a link then get to the next page to find the download.

One new feature for Opera 10 is a resizable tab toolbar. It can be resized vertically to be able to view page previews. Check out the screen shot below.


So it's good to know about Opera to stay in tune with new browser features, use it if you want a quick, lightweight browser, is it going to be your default browser? Probably not.

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