Thursday, February 5, 2009

Alt + Tab Task Switcher Voted #1 Hotkey Ever!

Alt + Tab Task Switcher Voted #1 Hotkey Ever!

Hey Now Everybody,

Alt + Tab is my favorite hotkey & I personally voted it the #1 Hotkey ever (ha ha). If you use Alt + Tab all the time, used it before or never have tried it. The 'Task Switcher' Alt + Tab provides us a powerful keyboard shortcut to switch which tasks (windows) you are using quickly. This hotkey can easily be used hundreds of times each day positively increasing your personal productivity.

How to Use - Alt + Tab (3 easy steps)

101 Beginner Level

1. Press & hold the (left) Alt key with left thumb.
2. Press & release the tab key with your left pinky
3. Release Alt Key
You press & hold the Alt key then press & release tab then release Alt is the way to use it when you have more than one window open then your focus will now be on the window you previously used. This is great when you have many windows open since you don't have to move you mouse pointer all the way to the bottom & try to find the window on your crowded task bar then click it to have the focus on the new window.

Alt + Tab 201 Advanced Level
You may also use the Alt + Tab hotkey to place the focus on a window you have open but not used recently. You can navigate to any open window by pressing & hold the Alt key & press & release tab then press & release tab to slowly navigate to a window you desire. Choose a window (task) that you want to choose, once you are selecting the one you want (displayed by a little black box) you release the Alt key. Then your window you selected will open.

Alt + Shift + Tab 301 Guru Level

You may select a window in reverse order too. This is accomplished by pressing & holding the Alt key & then press & hold the shift key & then press & release tab. This will reverse the order you are selecting the windows which is useful sometimes.
Example 1 - For example I usually have task manager open & if I want to have the focus on the task manager window I press & hold Alt, then press & hold Shift then press & release tab. Then release shift & Alt. Since Task Manager is by default the first task listed this will work, focus is now on the task manager.
Example 2 - Another example when I use the Alt + Shift + Tab is when I press & hold Alt, then press & release tab a few times, one too many times & go past the window I want, Say I wanted to get to a task say 4th or 5th on Task Switcher menu then I pressed tab one too many times. Then I press & hold shift, press & release tab once then I'm selecting the correct task. Then I release Alt & the focus is on the correct window.Alt + Tab vs. Win + Tab Vista AdjustmentIn vista one of the first demos many of us have seen is where the task switcher is being used with a slight adjustment the tasks are displayed with large cascading images not small icons or thumbnails. This is accomplished with replacing Alt key with the Windows key (located between left Ctrl & Alt). My preference is not to use this since I feel the Alt + Tab responds quick & accurate where the Win + Tab requires a ½ a second before being active.

Increase your personal productivity & give it a try. If you're currently using Alt + Tab then I'm glad you agree with me & I wonder do you think it's the best hotkey ever?

I remember when my friend explained you have to be Gorganized (Goran's version of organized) & use Alt + Tab. He was my back seat typer for years & it wasn't long before he didn't have to tell me to use Alt + Tab any more since I was always using it. That is all there is & there is no more!

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