Saturday, February 7, 2009

P Cubed Positive Personal Productivity South FLA .NET User Group Code Camp 2009

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Today is the day, our South FLA .NET User Group Code Camp! The best event all year hosted @ Devry U (thx Ed Hill). I'm so excited about today & the session I'm providing. My session is called 'P Cubed Positive Personally Productive' including

Microsoft Certifications
Everyday Efficientcy

I wanted to produce some content that a user even my ma would use everyday. I've been to many great session from INETA speakers, MVP's on a wide range of topics. Sometimes I leave & never really use any of the content they speak about. If you are unable to make the session, I"ve place a lot of my content on my blog & site. Geekfest! Geekfest! Over 600 people will be there today. Special thanks to Dave Noderer for the oppertunity to speak. Here are some links to the session content:


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