Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Tab Key is rated the #3 Hotkey Ever

The Tab Key is rated the #3 Hotkey Ever

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The Tab key in my opinion is the #3 best hotkey. Yes I hear all you saying 'The Tab key is a hotkey? It just indents 5 spaces right?' The tab key is so useful since it moves the focus of the cursor on the screen from field to field.

101 Tab Key Hotkey - Tab moves the cursor focus to the next field!
We all have to login to many applications & are usually prompted with a Username field, a password field & a submit button. Some people may click in the Username field enter the username, click in the password field enter it, then click the submit button.
Example When logging into most applications the focus is already on in the username field so a user can type the user name. Now press TAB & the cursor will move the next field which is the password so after entering the password press TAB then press enter to click the space bar. This is a much quicker way to login without having to take your hands from the home keys to move it to the mouse.

201 Tab Key Hotkey
Shift + Tab will make the focus move in the backwards direction.
This is very useful. Continuing on our previous example. Say a user enters the username, presses tab & realizes the username was fat fingered & needs to be edited since it's not correct. The focus is in the password field so press & hold the shift key then press & release tab. The cusor fucos will now be in the username field.

301 Tab Key in Save As / Open Box
The tab key is very useful in the Save As / Open window since you can move fields such as the file name or folder location from the keyboard.

Tab is great to use in a web or windows applications. I use it all day long. The tab key is not just for indenting paragraphs any longer it's the #3 rated hotkey ever in the whole world.

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