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Windows Key Hotkeys (Rated #7)

Windows Key Hotkeys

Windows key is an important hotkey. The key is located on most keyboards in-between the left Ctrl & Alt key on the left side. On most keyboards there is also one the right Alt & right click key. By itself the windows key will open the start menu. When we use this key with others it creates hotkeys. The most useful hotkey with the

Windows Key Hotkey 101 Beginner Level

Use Win Hotkey in 4 Steps
1. Press & hold windows Key (left thumb)

2. Press & release E (left middle finger)

3. Release Win Key4. Windows Explorer Opens

Vista Windows Key Hotkey

201 Advanced Level Win Key Hotkeyifies Quick Launch
This hotkey is available in Vista & Server 2008 not XP. We can use the windows button to open the first 10 shortcuts we have saved in our quick launch (located to right of Start Button) For example if Word is the fourth quick launch icon then use win + 4 to open word.

1. Press & hold Win key

2. Press & release 1

3. Release the Win Key.4. Firefox opens

XP Windows Key Hotkey

201 Advanced Level Restart & Shutdown Slickly with Win key

When restarting or shutting down in XP use hotkeys

1. Press Win Key

2. Press U (Shut Down)

3. Press R (R for restart or s two times for shut down)4. Press Enter5. PC will restart

Windows Key Hotkey 301 Guru

There are other ways to use the Windows key. When we use windows key with other letters such as L, M, F & R we have other handy hotkeys. My favorite includes locking a workstation with two keys not 3 plus 1 (Ctrl + Alt + Del, Enter). At work I lock my PC everytime I step away from my desk so I use this often.
L - Lock workstation Win + L

Pause Break – Open System Properties with Win + Pause Break (located above page up) Good to see chip speed & amount of RAM.

M – Minimize all programs Win + M

F – Find or Search for file – Win + F

R – Run – Win + R opens Run window.

If I’m on my PC for longer than a few minutes I will use Win + E hotkey at least once. I usually have 2 windows explorers open one each screen. The windows key is a very useful key & is can be combined for many hotkeys.

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