Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 .NET Goals (more WP7Dev) & 2010 4th 1/4 recap

Hey Now Everybody,

2011 is right around the corner should be a great year for most. 2010 was great, the past few months I’ve really been focused on WP7 Dev (Windows Phone 7 Development) and that is the reason there haven’t been blog posts the past few months. In 2010 the forth quarter I’ve also spoke a few times recently such as:

1. @FAU Azure Group I presented ‘How I build the Sherstaff Tech’ Windows phone app!

2. @ WPB .NET Meetup Group I presented ‘Windows Phone 7 Dev’

3. @ Devry presented the Sherstaff Tech app quickly after Devfish’s WP7Dev session

All there meetings were so much fun with some great people & technology there. Presenting @ FAU was special for me since that is my Alma mater.

2011 Goals – Events – More WP7Dev

2011 what I’d like to focus on is more WP7Dev; building more apps & improving my most popular apps. I want to continue to work diligently at . In January hopefully we’ll have another .NET meetup in WPB maybe on WCF. February will be the notorious South Florida Code Camp. I plan to present a new session called ‘Blendin WP7Dev’ focused on Expresion Blend 4. In the summer during SQL Saturday will be fun with Denali (SQL Server 2011) scheduled for release next year. Then in the fall Swamp coast code camp will be on again. As for content that I plan to study more is WCF RIA services to get data to the phone.

I also plan to release a new profile picture as I have in the past years; this year there is a new image check it out:

Chris Catto Mug 2011

That is all there will be more,


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