Saturday, March 29, 2008

Argotic Syndication Framework release 2008.0.0.0 on CodePlex

Hey Now Everybody,
I’ve been loving Codeplex lately & I’ve joined a stellar project which is the Argotic Syndication Framework. The main developer on the project is Brian Kuhn and has even been DNRTV. There is a new release so be sure to check it out! I hope to make some flix someday that will be similar to the DNRTV’s but shorter. I personally think Brian's development is only the tip of the iceburg on this project.

The project summary:
The Argotic Syndication Framework is a Microsoft .NET class library framework that enables developers to easily consume and/or generate syndicated content from within their own applications. The framework makes the reading and writing syndicated content in common formats such as RSS, Atom, OPML, APML, BlogML, and RSD very easy while still remaining extensible enough to support common/custom extensions to the syndication publishing formats. The framework includes out-of-the-box implementations of 19 of the most commonly used syndication extensions, network clients for sending and receiving peer-to-peer notification protocol messages; as well as HTTP handlers and controls that provide rich syndication functionality to ASP.NET developers.

Some new features in this release include:
a) Targeting of both the .NET 2.0 and .NET 3.5 platforms
b) Implementation of the APML 0.6 specification
c) Implementation of the BlogML 2.0 specification
d) Native support of the Microsoft FeedSync 1.0 syndication extension
e) Simplified programming API and better online/offline examples

All comments welcome!
That’s all there is, there is not more.
Bye for now!

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