Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sleepless in Dallas – SharePoint Weekend Hosted by Infusion & Microsoft

Hey Now,
I just had an indescribable weekend at the SharePoint Sleepless at Dallas event . This was an event that had training all day on Saturday then there was a coding completion where we were coding all night developing SharePoint features for the CKS. It was a stellar event thanks to Infusion & Microsoft where they provided food, facilities & gifts. I also visited my brother which was really nice too went to one of the best steak houses ever called Saltgrass with a fun Texas atmosphere. The events agenda went as follows

Saturday 9am Greeting/meeting everyone & breakfast. Saturday there were sessions went on all day including SharePoint form Sheldon Fernandez & Nadeem, Matt Ordish OBA, Matt McDermott.on Master Pages & real usable tools (sweet session), Chris Koenig. on Silverlight, Tim Gade on MSOffice, Zain ‘Is This Thing On’ Naboulsi. was there too. Among many other skilled people I’ve read a couple other posts Fluckiger's regarding the events.

‘SharePoint is a game changer’ I heard from Sahil on DNR & it’s so true in my opinion especially after attending, it’s the fastest selling MS Server. I was on a teamed up with a great guy & our presentation went alright we just didn’t have a good enough quality features developed to show the judges. Our goal was to implement a feature on SharePoint to provide the user hotkeys. So when you press & hold the alt button down on the keyboard the letter of the hotkey would be underlined. I learned a ton & especially that fact that deployment in SharePoint has many more processes & more permissions are needed on the server than traditional ASP.NET. We ended up not winning & were awarded ‘Most Improved’. Good luck to the team going to Cali who was made up of some good people & very skilled. I hope you 3 win (Ricky Derek & Michael ) .

I can’t speak for everyone but I sure had a great time & really enjoyed the competition portion best. We stayed up all night coding. The flix (120 sec) below are in my opinion show how much fun we were having. I think when you view it’ll make you laugh or at least smile. All comments Welcome

Big shout to T for the support & making this weekend possible.

That’s all there is there is no more, Bye 4 now,



Cam Soper said...

Sounds like you had a good time! Sleepless in NY was good, too.

I'm still not convinced that Sharepoint is everything it's being hyped as, but it is a good platform that has plenty of good uses.

Kevin said...

Man, it was great to relive that. Shawn retelling that presentation was priceless!

Starbucks Coffee $5
Laptop Computer $2500

Getting busted in a presentation: Priceless

DBA LINK Experts said...

I've heard sleepless in SoCal Code Camp was fun too! I only attended the two-day Code Camp in Fullerton, CA, not the sleepless on saturday night.

Quick question: Do you if there is such a thing as SharePoint developer edition (like SQL Server has) and if there is where can grab it? Feel free to drop by my blog at

-marlon ribunal

Joseph Fluckiger said...

Hey Chris, nice post. This is Joseph Fluckiger from sleepless, reading your post brought back good memories of a crazy crazy 30 hours at Sleepless in Dallas. see my post here: