Tuesday, January 22, 2008

List & SharePoint - Sleepless the Ultimate Developer Weekend

Catto’s List 1.22.08

I love lists & use them often. They help me get things done. I feel good too when I look back and a few things are marked done. Here is a current list I have:

Infusion – SharePoint Sleepless the Ultimate Developer Weekend. I entered the sleepless in New York contest last year (received a thankyou email) & this year I’ve entered again for the roadshow contest. I got an invitation! It’s a weekend of SharePoint Training & a competition.. It’s seems to be the ultimate developer weekend. I'm going to Dallas this weekend to compete & learn.

Silverlight Slide.Show – I’m so happy I have my first Silverlight project public. Check it out. My favorite blog codinghorror author Jeff Atwood works for Vertigo which produced this open source image viewer available on codeplex. I used the code & impleneted it on my site. I really like it & think this is currently best way to view images on a web page.

BlogEngine.NET 1.3 – I have moved my web hosting & want to have my own blog engine not one from blogspot or any other public. I think if I host it then I have more control over it & I”ll have all my posts in my database for my historical records. I’m workinking on implementing BlogEngine & hope to have my blog back at my domain soon.

Code Camp 2008 South Florida – Whoo Haa! Last year I heard of code camps via the best podcast DNR (check it out #219 my email is read).. I attended the Code Camp last year it was great. I think since then I’ve learned so much & really looking forward to attending this year.

Entity Framework – I attended a recent Fla .NET user group meeting where Shawn 'The ADO Guy' Wildermuth presented the Entity Framework. It was really good, saw a couple of my friends there Dave, Jonas & Max. I learned quite a bit about the Entity Framework & Shawn signed the book I’m currently reading which he co-authored. .NET Framework 2.0 AppDev Foundation (I plan to blog more on this book this year)

Whew! Honestly sometimes I don’t get things done on my list so I hope that placing my list on my blog will help me & I hope that you enjoy seeing what I’m think and working on. All Comments Welcome

That is all, there is no more,
Bye 4 now,

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Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you for making it to Sleepless....but I miss you tons...tc