Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hot Click / Mouse Gesture IE7Pro

Hey Now,

If you don’t know now you know, I love hot keys / shortcut keys. When I found this add in for ie7 I thought it was the best thing since sliced fresh basil. IE7Pro has many features & my favorite is the hot clicks. A hot click is using the mouse to perform a function. The way to perform a hot click mostly is by the right click button on the mouse. An example is to right click, hold & drag to the left then release & it will perform the same function as Alt+ or the back button. So instead of moving the mouse all the way to the back button you only have to move the mouse a ½ and inch. It’s pretty slick. Check out my short video with some examples. Other features of IE7Pro are spell check, ad block & super drag & drop. I think everyone falls into one of the following: use hot clicks, use hot keys, five button mouse or slow old fashion mouse user. That is all there is and there is no more. Comments Welcome

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Anonymous said...

Here's a comment for you: lose the phrase "Hey Now".


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