Sunday, April 6, 2008

Catto's 2008 2nd 1/4 Tech todo list

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I'm going to list some personal technical topics I plan to focus on for this year's second quarter. I love lists, I used them often @ home & work. The reasons I feel lists work well for me are since I stay focused on what I need to accomplish by spending my time efficiently & when I get some of the items done there is a sense of accomplishment.

Catto's 2008 2nd 1/4 Personal Tech List

1. Chris Catto .com's permission based authentication
* Improve my domains authentication & authorization. I've made some big improvements recently where the public can create a user. The next step I want to make is to place some better content that an authenticated user can view.
2. .NET Code Catto Blog @ Chris
* As many of you may have seen in the beginning of the year I had a .NET Code Catto Blog that was run on Blog Engine .NET from Codeplex. There was an adjustment made by my hosting company & now the blog doesn't display on the screen only the yellow screen of death. There is an issue with full vs. partial trust levels, therefore my goal here is to research & resolve this issue & get my blog up & running again on a subdomain as part of my domain such as
3. MCTS 70-536 Exam Prep
* I've been thinking about studying for a certification & have decided on the MCTS Web Dev Cert. There are two exams & I've started studying for on of the exams. I'd like to continue this & prepare to pass the first exam.
4. Argotic Syndication Framework on CodePlex
* There is a new release of the Argotic Syndication Framework & I'd like to create some flix similar to the DNRTV episodes on the Framework.
5. Adjust My Commenting Frequency
* I really enjoy reading blogs & have learned a great deal from them. I also like to comment on many blogs however I feel this can take up some of my time & it's not the most productive for myself. I plan to cut back on commenting on blogs for the next three months to improve my time management & spend the time on my own domain & exam prep.
6. Blog Content
* Assuming the Blog Engine issue is resolved I plan to continue posting on my blog & place some different type of content up there. The content I'd like to have is some exam topics, browser topics & a photo tutorial. The photo tutorial is how to upload & print pix @ Wal-mart or Kodak, this is a request from my Mom & I feel others will find it useful too.

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how the heck you been? I love your cartoon animated dude jumping up and down on your home's almost like a real life Catto only not as excited!