Monday, April 12, 2010

VS10 & .NET 4 Install Adventures Code Crackin #17

Hey Now Everybody,

Today is the day we all know what was released today right.. Adobe's new tool?? Maybe but more importantly to us devs is Visual Studio 2010 & .NET 4. It’s the most important tool for me & fun that it’s released today & to install it. Here are some thoughts on the topic & the install.

First off Channel 9 & Microsoft/visualstuio had a great streaming video's all day today which were stellar even a live DNR be sure to check it out.
first we could choose what bits to download, we could use web installer or download files for iso. I prefer an an iso since then the dvd can be burned & kept. Download 4 files ~2500kb place them all in the same folder & exe the first file then they will extract & create an iso. Right click the iso file select open with, then windows disc image burner (win7 tool) or what ever iso burner of your choice.

Once you enter the iso disc in the drive choose the auto run.
Install Screens
1 Install - The first screen has install vs2010.
2 Legal - Then we accept all the legal terms of MIcrosoft click next
3 Custom - We can choose to custom install, I deselected c++ since I just wanted to install it faster & it was a third less of the footprint ~4g.
4 Then it installs brings us to a progress bar & install everything such as the VC Runtime, .NET4, TFS Object, VS2010 Ultimate, Multi-Targeting pack, ASP.NET MVC 2 SL3SDK, Then we click next
5 Success Click Finish - we could also view the install doc & link to 'Visual Studio Gallery' which is nice(where spell checker is)

& o ya, let's select our default view web dev (code only), & I got an error that read. ‘The type initialize for ‘<Module>’ threw an exception. ‘ I clicked ok & it opened the same window then I clicked ok again &


Then I research a little & saw a q/a post about some c++ item. I ran autostart.exe again, then we are prompted w/ 3 choices:

1. Add remove features
2. Uninstall
3. Some other option I didn’t choose

So I installed C++ files, restarted but still same error. I’m going have to put more time in tomorrow. The cause maybe I tried to install the RC on this PC before but it didn’t install all the way. I can uninstall it since it’s not in the uninstall programs. Therefore my plan is to install Windows 7 fresh & attempt to install VS10 again.

VS10 is great for the following reasons this is kinda off the top of my head while installing so the order & items may change over time:

0.5 Chart Server Controls - nice kinda 3.5 very useful framework
1. Debugging: IntelliTrace: we can DVR debug meaning we can debug forward & backward.
2. Multimonitor Support - nice to be able to rip a tab off & have code on two screens
3. C# Optional Parameters in .NET 4 - Nice new feature since it's a feature we'll use.
4. MVC 2 - Nice for a green project, it's been fun to learn look Ma no code behind
5. CSS Friendly Controls Layouts - This is a real feature that we can use, the menu will now work for webkit .. sweet! Tx Phil Haack
6. New application templates - It's nice to be able to start an app with masterpages, css AJAX, JQuery all included
7. Code View, provides more real estate with out source & design tab
8. Deploying Project Improvements - We have to deploy for our users
9. Spell Check (add in) - even though this is an addin it's a nifty useful tool
10. TFS2010 - Version control of today, Team Foundation is also available for download.
11. Natural Scrolling - For large font peeps like me we can just Ctrl+scroll wheel
12. Silverlight 3 SDK - Yes we can just download this for VS08, yet this is the future Silverlight 3 out of browser is so slick.
13. Multiple Framework Version Targeting - Of course we expect to target multi framework & we can
14. Themes & customization - I enjoy skinning my apps & not just default white background.
15. Design View Improvements - The design view is better than VS08 it'll be great when we have AJAX in design as a default in studio, 10 is better than 08 in this category.
16. ADO.NEt EF Tools - Working with data is so fun, EF4 is here

The .NET 4 Framework is installed in C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319.

There we have it Visual Studio 2010 & .NET needs a little more time to be Installed, whoo haa!

That is all there will be more,


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