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Visual studio 2010 Microsoft Event Launch Miami 4.20.10

Miami Visual studio 2010 Microsoft Event Launch

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4.20.10 The Miami Visual studio 2010 Microsoft Event Launch. It was a fun event. I went with a two of my friends Code Monkeez & WeToddz which makes it even better. Aside from VS10 the highlight for me was seeing a the first Win7 phone in Florida.

When we got there we received a DVD of the Trial version of Visual Studio 2010 for 90 which is also available on Microsoft downloads, along with a T-Shirt & some stickers which was very nice.

We took a look at a sample web app named Blue Yonder Solutions was the demo ASP.NET application demo The two Microsoft presenters were Joe ‘DevFish’ Healy & Glenn Gordon.

Joe showed quite a few features of VS10 which he called his tackle box of vs10:

VS10 Multimonitor Support Rip Tab off
Natural Scolling
quick replace for block of code Alt+Shift+Arrow
VB Line Continuation chars are gone
Visual Studio Extentions
HTML Snippets on right click instert snippet
VB has generate method on right click of definition
Words highlighted, when one word is highlighted all the instances are highlighted
New help experience
VB Collection Initializers
C# Named & Optional Arguments
C++ Joe asked how many people using it & only 3 people raised hands
F# improvements
Office UI Customization
SharePoint Explorer (F5 run)
SharePoint 2010 Project Templates
SharePoint 2010 F5 Debugging Experience
InetlliTrace - Historical Debugging
UML / Data Diagrams
Automate UI Testing
VSTS Anywhere

We got into Silverlight a little with the Silverlight Facebook ux is better than web 1.0 sites. Silverlight is important & has started to lap WPF.
Silverlight 4 is slick since it has many rich features such as mic & webcam, multicast streaming, WCF RIA servers, Printing, Out of browser, right click/mouse wheel. There are some new controls for Silverlight to business-centric apps such as calendar, charts. Silverlight can be outof the browser, store data locally & use local resources.

When starting an empty web app there in the web config there are two config files for dev & prod for example web.debug.config web.release.config We then inspected some data access layers. We moved on to WPF where Joe built a WPF app on the fly which was pretty nice to see. He also displayed a parallel computing example by using both cpu cores. We took a break & then got back into the web development w/ vs2010. They stated web forms are far from dead & being enhanced such as dynamic data.

Glen Gordon presented a nice dynamic data web app example with a good amount of code. We spoke about MVC concepts such as how it separated concerns & is easily testable. Glen finished the session with some windows phone, he stated 3 screens and a cloud example workstation, phone & Xbox are 3 screens tied by the cloud.
Win7 phone has standardized hardware.

There was many people including some local user group leaders who announced a couple events such as Swamp Code Camp 9.25.10 (South West Fla ) Homnick's Gold Coast UG announced a meeting May 13th SQL Server 2008 Dev Exam 70-422.

For this event the room was full about There ~150 people. The live event was very enjoyable & glad I went.

That is all there will be more,

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