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.NET 4 ASP.NET ‘Video’s Overview’ 70-515 Exam Prep ASP.NET – Catto Code Crackin #15

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In this 15th post of the Catto Code Crackin series we’ll continue with the section ‘‘Video’s Overview’ Now that we’ve covered each section in detail I wanted to continue studying by taking a step back & review some highlights from ASP.NET 4 & VS10. Let’s look @ some of the top new features. WWW.ASP.NET is a great site for learning & flix are great to learn from. This is a summary of the videos from the offcial ASP.NET site.

Microsoft announced the .NET 4.0 Beta Exams on St. Patrick’s Day which are a free exam & if passed you get certified. Much of the study & prep materials are not available yet, therefore I’ve been studying for a similar exam 70-562 which is the .NET 3.5 ASP.NET Application Development. I hope by posting this content it will help myself along with other people in the community learn & get excited about .NET 4. If you are serious about studying for a MS Exam 2 must have resources: the Microsoft Self Paced training books are a great books to buy along with practice exams from eBay

This series of short videos introduces you to the new features of ASP.NET 4 & VS10

ASP.NET 4 Below are all the video’s & then a summary of them:

#1 | Chart Control
#2 | Dynamic Metadata
#3 | Permanent Redirect
#4 | Imperative WebForms Routing
#5 | Declarative WebForms Routing
#6 | Outbound WebForms Routing
#7 | Auto Start
#8 | Clean Web.Config Files
#9 | Predictable Client IDs
#10 | Selective View State
#11 | The HtmlEncoder Utility Method
#12 | New Rendering Option for Check Box Lists and Radio Button Lists

#13 | Persistent GridView Row Selection
#14 | Table Free Templated Controls
#15 | Easy State Compression
#16 | Tableless Menu Control
#17 | Imperative JavaScript Syntax for Microsoft Client Side Controls
#18 | The ScriptLoader
#19 | jQuery Syntax for Microsoft Ajax
#20 | AJAX Data Templates
#21 | Hidden Field Divs
#22 | Disabled Control Styling
23 Code Optimized Profile
24 Code Search View Hierarchy
25 IntelliSense Smart Lists
26 Multi-Monitor Support
27 New Web Project Template
28 New Multi-Targeting
29 Websites Instead of Web Projects
30 Snippets IntelliSense
31 Use MSBuild to Automate the Compiler & 32 Merge Utilities

#1 | Chart Control
chart control in data catagorie form toolbox can use data source
Attributes Type such as bar, x & Y value member X such as title & Y # of sales
#2 | Dynamic Metadata – SEO uses MetaData
say the string contains the value we want
page.metadescription = “blah”;
page.metakeywords = “tomato ” & stringsstateId;
#3 | Permanent Redirect
Good since inbound traffic changes entry points for example a sub domain may change.
from the old page page_load event enter response.redirectpermanat(“~/newpage”);
#4 | Imperative WebForms Routing – Imperative by code behind Allows clean URLs
old dirty release /Projectrelease.aspx?releaseid=33804
Good Clean downloads/realease/33804
using system.web.routing
add method
void registerTomatoRoutes(routecollection routes)
, “list/(type) “
, “list.aspx”
Void application_start(object sender, eventargs e )
( RegisterRoutes(routetables.routes);

The;n on asp.x page create link button w/ postbackURL=”~/list/people”>list / people <asp:linkbutton>

#5 | Declarative WebForms Routing – clean URLs global.aspx.cs enter route definition
#6 | Outbound WebForms Routing
#7 | Auto Start – specify windows/system / application host application pool always running needs to be set startmode=”AlwaysRunning” > then
2 set application to be prewarmed application host.config
‘we can pre warm cashe’ - there are a few steps for this one.
windows /system32 / inet serv config / choose app pool & set always running

2 then in sites set two parms - service auto start enable = true
3 just below added serviceautostartproviders section

Then in application we created a class system.web

Specified a method preload & performed tasks on load
#8 | Clean Web.Config Files
only two enteries
#9 | Predictable Client IDs templated controls such as listview create datasource such as xml datasource then specify xpath ;
it’s a more straight forward programming model when we manipulate dom of server side controls
#10 | Selective View State – selectable view state options add placeholder control inside place label enableviewstate=”false” or enableviewstate=”true” for some controls
#11 | The HtmlEncoder Utility Method - put a button & label on page in button click event when untrusted stuff like script injection , or allow html to be displayed like if we wanted to display a code snippet on a page. This is why we’d use it. Run input threw a method to make sure it’s ran threw the utility method then it’s more secure
string untrustedInput = httputility.htmlEncode(“<script>altert(?);</script>”)
label1.text = untrusted string
#12 | New Rendering Option for Check Box Lists and Radio Button Lists
common theme in stills supports old version but us pretty ul not tables & spans
repeat layout property can be table, unordered list , or ordered list <ul> or <ol>

#13 | Persistent GridView Row Selection – after grid is wired up
when we select a row in the grid then switch page the row on the other enablepersistentSelect = “true” so if we select the fourth row then switch page the fourth row is not selected on page 2.
#14 | Table Free Templated Controls
some formview control w/ datasource uses tables by default <table> <tr> can be changed by renderoutertable = “false” this makes it not tables but removes the auto format style of the control
#15 | Easy State Compression – gets better performance on application. In web.config
<sessionState mode = “true”
add this one more - compressionenables = “true”>
#16 | Tableless Menu Control
Mneu property Rendering Mode change from table to List,
#17 | Imperative JavaScript Syntax for Microsoft Client Side Controls -
uses script loading need script files such as css sheet
lot’s of hoops to explain this topic
#18 | The ScriptLoader - great new feature use imperative syntax
sys.onread ? create an unordered list in javascrpt
#19 | jQuery Syntax for Microsoft Ajax interesting new feature drop scripts folder in project & add web form then add css folder. Used watermark control
#20 | AJAX Data Templates – used a web service
#21 | Hidden Field Divs - there is a div class on the hidden filed that we can style
DIV# aspentHidden
in css file :
Border: 0;

#22 | Disabled Control Styling – cool new feature for disabled fields. Ex Add textbox 2 buttons one button enables & the other disables the text box then the style of the textbox can differ suing the css below: new default css class any control that state is disabled
background-color: orange;
23 Code Optimized Profile tools import & export settings web developer profile no toolbar icons & no tabs for design view tools options general chkbox for ‘enable design view’
24 Code Search View Hierarchy hightlight a word then press ctrl + , all the places will be displayed. If no word hightlighted hten ctrl + , we get intelligent search results kinda fuzzy search logic. Pascal case searching AMS (needs UPPER_case / caps) increase productivity for navigation
25 IntelliSense Smart Lists use of gridview code behind file gridview1. when intesllisence pops up there is contains search logic not just begins with search login for intellisense.
26 Multi-Monitor Support Nice just right click on the tab to rip it off!
27 New Web Project Template – The web project template is nice new to start kinda like the MVC one.
28 New Multi-Targeting – Of course we can target different versions of the framework.
29 Websites Instead of Web Projects – Opening websites is different in vs10 since there is no open web site
30 Snippets IntelliSense Improves our performance
31 use MSBuild to automate the ASP.NET Compiler & Merge Utilities


Next up I’m really leaning to get into some more code & or review some of the training kit from Microsoft Downloads again. What do you think?

That is all, there will be more,


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