Tuesday, July 1, 2008

FLA .Net User Group Meeting SharePoint

Hey Now Everybody!

The FLAdotNET user group SharePoint session presented by David McNamee was great. The focus was on SharePoint Designer where he showed some nice examples of controls such as a data driven Data View. Personally I enjoy working in SharePoint designer specifically since you don't need access to the server to make some nice adjustments to pages, & you can edit the page directly in a non ribbon IDE similar to Studio .

Special thanks to Beanstalk Networks for providing the facility. The people were nice to see such as Terry, Dave, Morgan & many more. I asked how to display charts similar to a control like the data view Mac stated buy a 3rd party compony. Mac's presentation included some extremely vulgar explicates it was truly rated R. He from Tampa (~5 hrs) & Mac's impersonations were really funny epically those of Russ (calling out raffles) & Joe (adjusting his glasses as only Devfish does explaining some code). Within SharePoint designer there can be adjustments to the master page content place holders that can made a site not look so SharePointy.

I ate some pizza & got a few Code Mags along with a t-shirt. When I went outside I got a delicious taco that they were handing out on Clematis street from Rocco's Taco.

All commments welcome.

That is all there is there is no more. Bye for now,


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