Tuesday, May 4, 2010

MCPD 4 How to Study & Take Beta Exam for Free - Code Crackin #21

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Do you think Microsoft exams & certifications are a good use of time or a waste?

On Friday April 30th 2010 I took the MCPD 4 Web Dev 71-519 beta exam for free. First I heard about the beta exam by an RSS feed, then I called Prometric, registered for two exams the technical specialist & pro web dev exams. Then I had a date set & location for each exam. I prepared by reviewing the skills measured & content in the MSDN library. The previous exam for the .NET 3.5 framework is what I used as for a guide since there wasn’t much public content about the new exam.

Beta exams are really great since they are free & if you pass you get the cert. What I really enjoyed about the exams is by having a date with the exam scheduled I created a plan to study & it motivated me. It’s something to work for. I spent about 3 weeks preparing for each exam. Next week a local user group I enjoy is going to have a meeting on an exam review for another exam I’m interested in which is the SQL Server 2008 Developer exam 70-433. So now I’ve been preparing for that exam too. The content is good to study & will only help improve development skills.

Now again I ask you, Are MS Exams good to take? Is the content good to study? What do you think?

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