Sunday, May 31, 2009

Window 7 Tiki Hut Event

Hey Now Everybody,

There was a Microsoft TechNet event The Tiki Hut Road Show on Windows 7 which I attendend on May 28th 2009. It was a great session where Blain Barton & Shervin 'da bomb' Shakibi presented all about Windows 7. Windows 7 is the next Microsoft Operating System
Before there was 95, 98, XP, now there's Vista soon there will be Windows 7. I've been running a virtual machine with windows 7 on it to test. Today I received the dvd & plan to install it where this version on my physical will time bomb June 1st 2010. When installing any OS on the physicall drive my preference is to fresh install & delete all my previous data.
One of the features that caught my eye was the ease of VPN (direct access). Another was a screen capture application called record problem recorder. It reminded me of a snag-it type application where you can record what steps are taken then it produces a zip file which when opened will display all the steps taken while recording including screen shots & text fo the steps. This would be ideal for help desk or documenting a training.

This was a Technet event & the MSDN event is later in June. My preference is to hear more about the development side vs. the IT Pro side therefore I enjoy the content on MSDN events a little more. At the same time this was an excellent event. IE8 is the default browser which is what I think most people will notice along with the task bar features.
As always there were some great people there including some sponsers such as
Sherstaff. I saw a few of my friends there & had a great time. That's all there is there is no more.

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